Lent, Holy Week & Easter Schedule 2017

April 4, Penance Service
  • 7:00 pm
April 9, Palm Sunday
  • 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, Saturday Vigil, 5:00pm
April 10-12, Holy Weekdays
Monday - Wednesday
  • 9:00am Mass
April 13, Holy Thursday
  • 7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper:
    Washing of Disciples' Feet, Renewal of Commitment to Ministry, Procession to Altar of Repose, Adoration of the Eucharist until midnight
April 14, Good Friday
  • 9:00am Morning Prayers
  • 12:00nn Stations of the Cross followed by Meditation on the Seven Last Words
  • 1:45pm & 7:30pm Celebration of the Lord's Passion: Liturgy of the Word, Veneration of the Cross, Solemn Intercessions, Holy Communion
April 15, Holy Saturday (Vigil of Easter)
  • 9:00am Morning Prayers
  • 7:30pm Easter Vigil Mass
April 16, Easter Sunday
  • 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm Easter Masses
  • Easter Egg Hunt following the noon Mass

Parish Office Closed on Easter Monday, April 17

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@nqtruc Jun 05, 09:58

Continuity is necessary 4stability&transition. Radical change could lead 2chaos&crisis. Be Prudence: Policy-Personnel-Procedures-Programs

@nqtruc Jun 03, 20:21

VISIT-3Possible Purposes: TRANSACTIONAL-Give&take/negotiate RELATIONAL-Family/friendship/love INSPIRATIONAL-Uplift/renew in life&faith.

@nqtruc May 20, 19:55

GROW-Natural progress of human life A-Actions/Activities-JESUS WAY I-Issues:World/Body/Mind-TRUTH R-Resources:People/Finance/Space/Time-LIFE

@nqtruc May 20, 19:54

Cultivate inner peace is w/TEA time T-Tranquility:Mountain2sea E-Ease:Stillness2Silence-Rest/Relax A-Awareness:Fix2unchangeable-Culture/God

@nqtruc Apr 18, 17:15

Lent in Matthew GARDENING of one's soul(Eden) GOD or GHOST(Transfiguration) GRUMBLING(Desert) GAIN4LESS&MORE(Man Born blind) GRAVE (Lazarus)

@nqtruc Apr 17, 02:23

Holy Week in Matthew GREETINGS-Formal/informal GIFTS-Eucharist/Priesthood/Service GUILT-Irrational/Rational GRACE-God assists w/ mercy&love.

@nqtruc Mar 31, 06:53

Waiting 4events 2happen in life: POSSIBILITY-Effort/Ability PROBABILITY-Chance/Statistic PROMISE-Fulfill w/ time&age PROVIDENCE-God's plan

@nqtruc Mar 28, 17:22

Lent invites Xtians 2avoid these temptations/ambitions 1-Gain POWER 4more authority 2-Gain CONTROL 4more access 3-Gain MONEY 4more pleasure.

@nqtruc Mar 28, 17:00

GAIN 4LESS &MORE G-Light 4L-Darkness &M-Clarity Truth-Lies-Trust Love-Insecurity-Joy Self-control-Addiction-Sf.awareness Muscles-Fats-Energy

@nqtruc Jan 26, 07:36

In Conflict Resolution 3 factors influence our thinking&decision making: 40-LOGICAL-Facts/options 30-PERSONAL-People 30-EMOTIONAL-emotions.

@nqtruc Dec 10, 15:10

Prepare the Way-CLEAR THINKING&VISION 1Stillness in time 2Perspective points of view&angle 3Clear away obstacles 4 straight path&security.

@nqtruc Dec 10, 15:09

Prepare the way-COMING TO whom or to what can generate a lot of emotions&thoughts: 1LISTEN 4 God's instructions 2OBSERVE surrounding events.

@nqtruc Dec 01, 18:49

Qualities of Civil&Spiritual Leaders: 1Competent-ability&experience 2Consultation-idea seeker 3Collboration-teamwork 4Compassion-kindness

@nqtruc Nov 25, 03:43

Factors determine a person's character: H-ABITS: On-time/Organize O-UTCOMES of actions: Peaceful / Harmonious V-ALUES: Faith /Justice.

@nqtruc Nov 23, 08:59

Qualities of the Saints of God 1Live in FAITH not FEAR 2HEAL not HURT others 3GENEROUS not GREEDY 4Call to SERVE not SPOIL/SELF-CENTERED

@nqtruc Nov 20, 03:52

Human factors (Accept/Reject&Agree/Disagree): IGNORANCE-Not Knowing INTERPRETATION-Explain IDEOLOGUE-Impractical Idealist INTENTION-Purpose

@nqtruc Oct 25, 14:29

Faith Journey in Service of God STRUGGLES-Difficulties&doubts STRENGTH-Develops thru time&comes from God STEWARD-Calling 2B Jesus disciples

@nqtruc Oct 05, 05:21

Essential Qualities in Relationships PROTECTOR-Defend/keep secure COMMUNICATOR--Share thoughts/feelings/values HEALER-Restore/renew hurts.

@nqtruc Sep 28, 19:13

Achievers' Steps: VISION-Establishing goals&purposes RECOGNITION-Awareness of surrounding&environment MISSION-Plans/Tools/Implementations

@nqtruc Sep 15, 03:55

Mercy is d ultimate expression of God's love. Mercy SEEKS d lost&broken &SAVES all. Ways of attaining MERCY: MONEY MEDIATOR ME GOD-GIVER.

@nqtruc Sep 03, 16:13

Obstacles 2change or Foundations 2stability w/ private&social sectors: IDEOLOGY-Cons/Lib. INSTITUTION-Structure INVENTORY INCOME INVESTMENTS

@nqtruc Aug 29, 12:38

WHO-may be d 1st factor affecting Private firms4Profits& Social Sectors4Services of mission: WHO GET-ON GET-OFF or GET-THROWN UNDER THE BUS

@nqtruc Aug 27, 10:34

Cycle of Life-Creating harmony: ACCEPTANCE UNITY LIFE&PEACE Cycle of Death-Causing suffering: REJECTION DIVISIONS WAR&DEATH What will U do?

@nqtruc Aug 27, 10:23

ART of living that alligns w/ God's plan: A-CCEPTANCE R-ECONCILIATION T-HANKFULNESS Or opposite ways that harm life A-TTACK R-ETREAT T-WIST

@nqtruc Aug 20, 14:50

Put on a new self in GOD'S image-Review: PRIORITIES in life-study/work/hobbies PRACTICES of Lifestyles-faith/social PROFOLIO-family/assets.

@nqtruc Aug 08, 21:00

Treasures in life: FAITH FAMILY FRIENDS FAME FREEDOM FUTURE At what cost & w/ whom must we risk 2protect or acquire these treasures.

@nqtruc Aug 08, 20:48

God counts the tears of every woman.God hears&accepts d cries of every mother b/c of her unconditional love&life-giving spirit.Wait in hope.

@nqtruc Aug 04, 02:44

Emotions that BAR/imprison 1self: BITTERNESS ANGER RESENTMENT Actions that lift the BAR&liberate 1self: BELIEVE in GOD ANCHOR RELATIONSHIP

@nqtruc Jul 06, 06:12

Great leaders believe they are called by God. C-OMMITMENT 2serve A-CCEPTANCE of reality L-EADERSHIP inspires others L-OVE w/o counting cost.

@nqtruc Jul 06, 06:07

Diversity&differences of cultures could lead 2destruction or division. But good leadership can create&bring about unity&community of spirit.

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